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Scam a dalah berita elektronik dalam Internet yang membohongi dan bersifat menipu, sehingga pengir imnya akan mendapat manfaat dan keuntungan tertentu. Contoh scam yang sering kita jumpai ada lah surat berantai dan pengumuman lotre. Dalam hal ini akibat dari berita scam ini bagi penerimanya akan lebih serius, jika dibandingkan dengan spam.

Dalam bahasa Inggris, scam diartikan juga sebagai confidence trick or confidence game, sehingga pada awalnya penerima berita merasa yakin dan tidak mencurigai bahwa hal ini merupakan bentuk p enipuan. banyak contoh site2 yang bersifat scam, mulai dari web berhadiah sampai web2 pencari uang. tidak sedikit orang yang tertipu, bahkan sampai kehilangan uang juga.
beberapa situs tersebut adalah
1. 1-usd-mail.com
2. 3-dollar-mail.com
3. 10-cash.com
4. 20-euro-mail.com
5. 100-cash.co m
6. 2008mails.com
7. 100euro-mail.com
8. 200EuroMails.net
9. 247payouts.com
10. 400DollarsDaily.info
11. 10bux.net
12. 10centcashoutptc.com
13. 10dollar-mail.com
14. 10euro-mail.com
15. 50cent Mails.com
16. 77bux.com
17. 1cent- mail.com
18. 1centemails (1centemails.com) - not to be confused with 1 cent email
19. 1dollarptc.com
20. 2bux.net
21. 5cash.info
22. 4realptc.info
23. 7evenbux.com
24. 7heavenptc.com
25. A.W. Surveys
26. A-n-cash.com
27. Adbux.org
28. Adflasher.net
29. Afferinte.com
30. Andreamails.com
31. Ads-Ear n.com
32. Adventures4U.com
33. AeroBux.com
34. Aglocomails.com
35. All-CashMails.com
36. AngelBux (angelbux.com)
37. ArClicks.com
38. Aria PTC (ariaptc.com)
39. AstroBux.com
40. At-Mails.com
41. Atbux (atbux.com) (closed)
42. Athome-cash.com
43. Au toEx.org
44. Auto payouts.com
45. B-u-x.net
46. Babalac.com
dan masih ada sekitar 400an web site yang lain. salah satu yang dibahas adalah sebagai berikut:
maaf masih dalam bahasa inggris.
Ezlaptop is a s ite that claims you can read emails and for reading all those emails you can earn enough credits for a laptop. Unfortunately this site has a bad history of ripping people off. Which is why we are adding them to the scam list and here are our reasons why:

1. No Forum - Well if you are going to read emails and refer other members, shouldn't there be a forum so everyone can communicate with one another? Maybe have a open line of communication with the owner or staff at ezlaptop? Perhaps the reason behind not having a forum is th at they know they are going to be dealing with a lot of negative complaints, so this would be very bad for their image. The truth would be known and people will not join if they see these complaints. Which brings me to my next reason...

2. Complaints - Yes, and a lot of them. A site that is showing registration since 2003 has racked up a lot of c omplaints. Here are a few of many complaints:

Approximately 26 reports on Ripoff Report

http://w ww.scamvictimsunited.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=926&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

3. "Too Good To Be True" - You will see some who say this is just absurd. And they are right. We need to stop day dreaming and wake up to reality. No one is going to give you a $1200 laptop for reading em ails. I wish it was so, but it isn't. You are not going to win a car, a house or $1000 sitting and reading emails. The sooner we wake up and stop day dreaming the sooner we can rid ourselves of these scams. The only reason why these scams last so long is because people fall for it.

I can understand a sweepstakes, but for everyone to receive one? This is just too bogus to believe that someone is giving out laptops for reading emails.


Stay away from this one, a waste of time and internet space. If anyone has been scammed by this site be sure to report them. Here are a few places where this can be done. Help spread the word so people wont be so easily scammed.

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